Capco Analytical Services, formerly BTC Environmental, specializes in providing a full spectrum of analytical services at cost effective rates while maintaining an unparalleled level of quality, service, and customer satisfaction. Capco has provided a complete analytical support capability to a wide range of engineering, industrial and petroleum firms since its inception in 1994. Capco’s state-of-the-art facility employs the necessary redundancy of equipment and instrumentation required to assure the timely production of analytical data in a contamination-free environment. Capco Analytical Services, Inc. is a commercial laboratory that offers a full range of organic and inorganic sampling, and testing.

Capco is located in Ventura, California and has provided analytical support systems since 1994 and is fully accredited by the California Department of Health Services as an approved hazardous waste, wastewater and drinking water laboratory. Capco has extensive experience in a full range of analytical services including hazardous waste, soil, drinking water, ground water and wastewater analyses.

Capco Analytical Services is committed to produce the highest quality analytical data possible. Through the years Capco has earned a proven reputation of providing legally defensible data. Our data has undergone extensive peer review in a number of legal forums and has consistently met or exceeded these rigorous requirements. At Capco, your analytical needs will receive the same commitment to quality and accuracy.