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Frequently Asked Questons

How do I get my sample to Capco Analytical Services, Inc.?

You can hand deliver your sample to our lab, or send it to us via overnight or second day delivery. In special cases, overnight or same day delivery may be required.

Do I need to keep my sample cold during shipment?

Only in special cases is cold shipping advisable. Contact us if you have a concern in this area.

How long does it take to get my results?

Capco provides expedited five working day turn around times at no additional charge, resulting in a timely cost effective service. Capco also offers shorter turnaround times at normal surcharges when the need for analytical results is critical.

How do I view my report?

We can email or fax your report to you. Also, we always mail the original.

When will you mail my report?

We will mail your report to you the next buisness day after we prepare it.

Where can I get a Chain of Custody?

You can get it here: Download Chain of Custody.

What is a Chain of Custody?

A Chain of Custody is a form or set of forms that document the collection and transfer of samples to and from Capco Analytical Services, Inc.

Do you offer lines of credit?

Yes, we offer lines of credit to our customers. Find out more details here: line of credit information.

I have a bottle request.

Capco provides pre-cleaned and preserved sample containers, coolers, blue ice, and chain of custody seals as appropriate. We also provide specially prepared sample kits to meet your individual needs.

Contact us by phone, email, or mail directly for your bottle request.

Do you do EDT and EDF reports?

Yes we do, whenever our clients request them.