Leaking Underground Fuel Tank Program

Capco offers a cost competitive expedited turnaround program to LUFT program analysis for a wide range of environmental engineering firms. This program features the full range of analysis required to meet the needs of tank removal operations at the same rate for soil and water matrices. Capco also maintains approved and/or preferred laboratory status by many petroleum industry related firms.

Industrial Discharge Monitoring

Capco provides the ongoing analysis of industrial effluent necessary to meet NPDES and local discharge requirements for hundreds of industrial clients, Capco either accepts self-generated samples or mobilizes their trained staff of field sampling technicians to obtain grab or continuous flow purporting samples from the source as necessary. Capco serves clients from central to southern California on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as needed.

Groundwater Monitoring

Capco Analytical Services also provides groundwater monitoring well sampling and analysis. Establishing a long term monitoring contract allows our sampling crew to take responsibility, provide an unbroken chain of custody and reduce the time you spend.

Stormwater Monitoring

Capco also provides sampling and analysis for stormwater monitoring programs as required. Capco serves clients from Northern to Southern California on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, as needed.