Capco offers a cost competitive expedited turnaround program to Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUFT) program analysis for a wide range of environmental engineering firms. This program features the full range of analysis required to meet the needs of tank removal operations at the same rate for soil and water matrices. Capco also maintains approved and/or preferred laboratory status by many petroleum industry related firms.

Description EPA Method
Total Oil and Grease 413.1, 9071, 1664
Total Recoverable Oil and Grease 413.2, SM 5520
Total Recoverable Petroleum Hydrocarbons 418.1, 418.1m, SM 5520
Petroleum Hydrocarbons Fingerprint  
  Total Volatile Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TVPH)  
  Gasoline, Jet Fuel 8015m
  BTXE 8021
  TVPH/BTXE 8015m, 8021
  TPH-Gasoline/BTXE 8015m, 8021
  Flashpoint 1010
Total Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TEPH)  
  Diesel, Kerosene, Jet Fuel, motor oil 8015m
  TEPH/BTXE 8015, 8021
  TPH-Diesel/BTXE 8015m, 8021
  TPH-Gasoline/TPH Diesel/BTXE 8015m, 8021
  TPH-Diesel/TPH-Gasoline 8015m
  EDB 8011, 504m
  MIBK/MEK/Acetone 8015
  Volatile Organics Compounds 8260B, 624
  BTEX plus Oxygenates 8260B
  Organic Lead DHS
  Total Lead 6010, 7420
  Total Lead 7421

LUFT program analysis costs are designed for samples originating from characterized Underground Fuel Tank Locations Significant cost discounts are available for qualified firms based upon average monthly sample volumes of larger sampling episodes. To meet the rapid turnaround requirements of these programs, the above prices reflect a five working day turnaround from the time of sample receipt. Rush and five-day turnaround availability is limited by capacity. Please contact Client Services or your Technical Representative for additional information.