These are our hazardous waste identification tests. (Title 22, Article 11)

Description EPA Method
pH – Aqueous 9040
pH – Nonaqueous, 1:1 water dilution 9045
NACE Steel Coupon Test 1110
Flashpoint – Liquid 1010
Flammability – Solid 1010
Reactive Cyanide  
Reactive Sulfide 9010
Reactive Cyanide and Reactive Sulfide 9030
Acute Aquatic Toxicity (96 hour LC50)  
Screen Acute Aquatic Toxicity (96 hour LC50)  
Definitive Acute Toxicity of Effluents and Receiving Waters and Freshwater and Marine Organisms (96 hour LC50)* 821-R-02-012

*Samples analyzed by a sub-contracted laboratory.