These are our drinking water tests.

Description EPA Method
Drinking Water  
General Physical  
Color, Odor, Turbidity  
General Mineral  
  Alkalinity, Bicarbonate, Calcium, Carbonate, Chloride, Conductivity, Copper, Fluoride,H ardness, Hydroxide, Iron, Magnesium, MBAS,Manganese, Nitrate, pH, Potassium, Sodium, Sulfate, TDS, Zinc 200 Series
  With Boron and Silicate 340.2
  Inorganic Chemical: Al, As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Pb, Hg, Se, Ag, Fluoride, Nitrate 300.0
  Alkalinity, Bicarbonate, Boron, Calcium Carbonate, Chloride, Conductivity, Fluoride, Hardness, Hydroxide, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Nitrate, pH, Potassium, Sodium, Sulfate, TDS 9310
  Gross Alpha/Gross Beta 501.1
  Uranium 524.2
  Organics 504.1
  Trihalomethanes 507
  Halogenated & Aromatic Volatile Organic* 508
  EDB & DBCP* 515.1
  Triazine Pesticides* 524.2
  Organochlorine Pesticides* 525.1
  Chlorinated Herbicides* 531.1
  Volatile Organics 531.1
  Semivolatile Organics* 547
  Di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (only)* 525.2
  Carbamates*/Urea Pesticides* 548.1
  Gylphosate* 549.2
  Haloacetic Acids(HAA5) 525.2
  Endothall* 521
  Diquat* 527
  UCMR2 Pesticides & Flame Retardants*  

*Samples are analyzed by a sub-contracted laboratory