Capco Analytical Services, Inc. can meet the testing needs of home inspectors for informational or regulatory purposes.

Typically, a buyer, mortgage company or local health department will request or require a water test for the home sale transaction. Each of these entities may have different ideas in terms of what the water test should include. Buyers are commonly looking for a more comprehensive test to ensure they are purchasing a home with safe water.

We offer six comprehensive test packages for buyers looking for a complete water analysis:

We report all six tests in a clear and concise format. The turn-around-time on these six test packages may take five to seven business days to complete once we receive them at the laboratory.

In addition to water testing services, we can also provide testing for lead and asbestos in various solid materials such as paint chips, floor and ceiling tiles, soil and other materials. For more information about these services, see our test packages page.

When health departments require testing, they usually have a specific list of parameters that should be included in the analysis. When they need to results at the health department, we recommend a health scan. We quote health scan testing on a case-by-case basis due to differing requirements. If you require Heath Scan testing, please provide a list of the contaminants required and the state that requires the work. We will review the necessary certification and issue an official quote within two business days, which includes pricing, turn-around-time and any other information pertinent to performing the analysis.